Games: Kara becoming self-aware

To demonstrate how different emotions can be expressed with PS3 graphics Quantic Dream created a short film about a self-aware robot.

Kara as the robot / android and the short film is called certainly gives us an idea what soon will become possible – how subtle emotions and moves of game actors can be tuned.

Listen to David Cage, co-founder of Quantic Dream and director on his intentions, what they wanted to demonstrate with this short film and how they arrived there with their experiences from Heavy Rain.

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Europe: Facebook is down – GDP goes up

image Fakebook jail Today seems to become a more productive day for this planet – Facebook is / was down in large parts of Europe and parts of Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Reduced procrastination, less bandwidth clogging with nonsense message and no more constant distraction for millions of people.

Today’s blackout comes after Denmark had end of last week “by mistake” blocked/censored access to more than 8000 web sites including Google and Facebook. If this continues people might actually do something productive and the GDP will go up. With the Internet DNS system continuing to be in such a fragile state such events could soon become a frequent feature.

Brazil, Brazil we are getting closer… now where is Harry Tuttle?

Time Waster: Type like a hacker

What started out as a small joke by its developer going by the handle Duiker101, quickly developed into a toy used by millions. Hacker Typer still fun to waste some time with. You can upload your on text and customize the background and text colors, so if you reduce the typing speed a bit it will look fully legit.

Click on the image below for the link

image Hacker Typer

You can also create your own version of this joke – the source code is available at GitHub

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Music: Depeche Mode – Useless

Well it’s about time
It’s beginning to hurt
Time you made up your mind
Just what is it all worth…

from Depeche Mode’s outstanding and timeless album “Ultra”

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Life: And so Germany shall change

The single most important web page in Germany to look at today/tonight.

Georg Schramm for President!

Click on the image below for the link

image GSchramm for President

Generally speaking ;-) it most likely can’t get that much worse before it all falls apart…at least that’s what we all hope!

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Music: Skrillex – Mothership Tour (Short Film)

For all of you who went to one of the concerts of the Mothership tour end of last year and all Skrillex fans out there.

A short film by Stephen Alex Vasquez

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