Music: Skrillex – Bangarang

More – and this time really loud.
Skrillex -Bangarang

… it never stops

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Music: Miike Snow

A bit of music tonight.

Let’s get started with Miike Snow

and yes it will not help to keep those curtains close. Nooooose…

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Google Doodle to honor inventor of zippers

Today Google honors Gideon Sundback, the engineer who invented the zipper in 1908 / 1914 with a doodle on their landing page.

Click on the image below for the link

image google zipper doodle

When opening today you will be greeted with a zipper running across the center of the page that, when drawn open with the mouse, reveals content related to Gideon Sundback.

More information:

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Life: Scientists proof Ballmer Peak – moderate intoxication helps creativity

A group of scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago have shown that moderate consumption of Alcohol may boost creativity. Within their study they compared the performance of sober and drunk volunteers (0.075 blood alcohol level) with tests known as remote associate tests that people often solve with a moment of insight. The results showed that the tipsy volunteers not only solved substantially more (30%) of the tests they also solved them quicker.

There is lots of anecdotal evidence that intoxication might enhance creativity, but writers like E.A. Poe, Hemingway, musicians like Beethoven or even the recently died Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston showed that it often also ends in tragedy.

Research has so far not tested if alcohol intoxication enhances the creative potential of people while some professional groups have empirical knowledge on this from their day-to-day practice.

Click on the image below for a larger version

image xkcd Ballmer Peak

image: CC – xkcd

The group of scientists and researchers around Professor Jenny Wiley from UIC are one of the first providing proof that creative problem solving may benefit from a more diffuse attentional state.

While long been thought that intoxication could free creative potential of individuals, they showed that moderate intoxication could be one way to to turn people into such a state of being more conductive to creative thinking. They consider their study only as a first step and we are certain that they will not have problems finding volunteers for a broader sample or long-term study of the topic.

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Humor: Google Glasses – a parody

Google has recently shown us how they imagine the future with the introduction of Google’s own augmented reality glasses – aka Project Glass.

A more realistic picture how this might turn out can be seen in the video below. Now we are sure that Google will certainly enhance the display of ads within those kind of glasses by for example making them 3D, render those onto the surfaces of houses or having them read to you…

To top that – when you’re watching the video on YouTube – the last scene with the whole view being obstructed by ads even gets an ad overlay (from Google).

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Humor: Everything is perishable – Twitter on toilet rolls

Finally the perspiration and debris of so many that are clogging social networks with superfluous messages to the world like “I’m cooking xxx…” or “I have to go to the bathroom…” have found an adequate destination – printed onto a toilet paper roll.

Click on the image below for the link

image Twitter on toilet paper

A group that calls itself shitter has started a service that takes one or more feeds from your Twitter account and prints it out onto four rolls of toilet paper. The price is a bit steep ($35) but as a one-off if you for example know those who are spamming your account so eloquently, it will make the perfect gift to give back to them what they have so generously provided to you with their tweets in the past.

Now we would like to see a real-time version of that – a printer integrated into a toilet roll dispenser – as shown a few weeks ago there are plenty more applications for a device like that.

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