Tomy LUMI PAD: Fridge Messages that glow in the dark

img LUMI PAD Japanese toy maker Tomy has introduced a new model of its LUMI PAD series that you can attach to your fridge.

With this battery-powered magnetic message board no message will be missed anymore. It has a build-in movement sensor and uses pens with special ink that glows in the dark. When it is switched on and detects someone passing by it starts flashing the message text.

The LUMI PAD is available from retailers and online shops including:


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Apple: Video iPod ships with MS Windows Virus

img ViPod small Last night Apple officially acknowledged that a small number of Video iPods available for purchase after 12-September-2006 have been infected with the MS Windows RavMonE.exe Virus

The virus will not damage any Apple Macs or the iPod, but will attack MS Windows machines connected to infected iPods. RavMonE.exe is a Spyware Worm (type W32/RJump-B) that might install a backdoor on infected computers and allows others to access and take over control of the computer.

You can find information on how to remove the virus on a specially created Apple support page or on the support pages of the antivirus software supplier you trust in.

end of post World’s tallest buildings

If you ever wanted to know what the world’s tallest building look like, where they are and other details, have a look at diagram pages.

On 280 pages it lists 6978 buildings starting with the Burj Dubai (807.7 m) down to some smaller towers with “only” 50 floors. Additional details are available together with illustration(s) of most of the buildings.

img skyscapers

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The Economist: On issues with US voting machines

img economist logo In his last edition top European business and political magazine The Economist has an interesting brief article on US voting machines.
Crash and re-boot, that’s how the article is titled, is looking into how the wrong kind of voting machines could bring chaos to the mid-term elections. Even the Economist that rarely is using stronger wording is ending with what has happened is a …scandal…

Recommended Reading (article is online without subscription)

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Quote of the day: 20061017

If there is not enough left for everybody it will always be the poor that have to pay….

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Basic Steganography How-To: Hide files in JPEGs

Its actually not steganography, the files are embedded in plain text or easily identifiable as such, but The Tech Tray has put up a nice tutorial how to hide files within JPG graphic files.

Its a step-by-step guide that almost everybody with a MS Windows computer should be able to follow successfully. See for yourself….

P.S. If there’s anybody out there interested into more sophisticated solutions I’m happy to put up a how-to for that. Just leave a comment.

img HowTo

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