Marc Navarro: Great looking series of laptop cases

Finally a series of laptop cases that stand out from the black bags you get everywhere else. Spanish designer Marc Navarro has created a new line of stylish laptop cases that will become available in December through VAXbarcelona.

More information can be found on the ReadyforDesign web site.

img VAX laptops

The VAX Gueell design has been created by Marc Navarro and the Balmes, Diagonal and Fontana design is work in collaboration with Ester Ferret.

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E-Bay: Another Record Quarter

img ebay logo small While some analysts already believed that sky-rocketing EBay has already reached its top due to growing competition from Google, EBay today posted another record quarter in his history.

Turnover in the 3rd quarter rose by 31% to USD 1,449 Bln and profits rose 10% to USD 280,9 Mln.

Strongest contributor to the increase was PayPal of which revenue rose 41%. PayPal now has about 123 Mln. accounts. VoIP service provider Skype contributed USD 50 Mln turnover (plus 13%) with about 136 Mln registered users (plus 20%). So far Skype has not earned money for EBay.

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Interactive Map: World’s Most Polluted Places

img world The Blacksmith Institute has created a list and interactive map of the Top-10 worlds worst polluted places.
The list was compiled with the help of a technical advisory board including experts from John Hopkins, Hunter College and Harvard University. The Top-10 were selected from more then 300 potential sites by evaluating where human health is most at risk and where children’s lives are especially threatened.
The report available also for download from the Blacksmith Institute also notes that …most of the worst places are not generally known, even in their countries…

In difference to general assumptions, except one site (Doe Run Corp in La Oroya), none have involvement from major multinational companies. Instead, the worst pollution is from a range of sources:

  • Old companies now long defunct and untraceable
  • Government companies and activities, especially cold war activities
  • Local or regional businesses, not international ones.
  • Clusters of small artisanal activities

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3D-Scanner: Handheld 3D scanning on the go

img Z700 US 3D scanner and printer company Z Corporation has introduced a new portable 3D scanner the Z Scanner 700.

The system connects to computers via FireWire and creates scans of the object surface in almost real-time. The company claims that the scanner can capture virtually any object from any angle, anywhere.

As this scanner can be moved around any object even hard to reach objects can be scanned easily. The results produced do not require combining / stitching together multiple scans – with the included software the scanner produces files that are directly ready for output to a 3D printer.

We expect 3D printing soon to become mainstream (on lower quality levels also for consumers) and in the near future to become as common as currently 2D printing already is.

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Adobe: New Flash Player 9 for Vista and Linux

img missing A new release of Adobe Flash Player 9 has been made available for download today on the Adobe labs web site.

In addition to bug fixes and minor enhancements, the new release introduces support for full screen mode in the web player and support for Windows Vista.
A prerelease build of Flash Player 9 Update for the Linux platform is included.

The Flash Player 9 Update for Linux currently does not include full-screen mode and complete SSL support (SSL support is currently available in the Linux Plugin but not the Linux Standalone Player). Linux Full-screen mode and SSL support will be available in the final release.

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Street life: Cardboard house paintings from Japan

img japanese flag Japanese web site Cardboard-House-Painting has a set of galleries online with photographs of cardboard shelter paintings from people who lived on the street in Japan’s homeless city that was created around the Shinjuku Underground station’s in the mid-1990s.

…Hundreds of cardboard houses grew up in the underground passageways of the west exit. On each of these houses were paintings. Mysterious and magical, they threw vivid colors of resistance out into space, a kaleidoscope of derisive laughter against the state.

A group of painters painted them. Leading the group was Take Junichiro, who is also the person who created the Cardboard-House-Painting website. Once during the painting process Take was arrested and forced to spend 22 days in jail. The painting continued even after his arrest, but finally came to an end when the underground kingdom was destroyed in a huge fire.

After the fire, the authorities started reconstruction on the tunnels so that the homeless could never occupy them again. They succeeded in kicking the homeless out of the west exit underground….

The Cardboard-House-Painting website was created to call attention to the paintings on the cardboard houses, and …bring back to life the kingdom within a city that once was there but has now become nothing more than a phantom.

img card board painting

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