Video: Extreme Sailing

I‘ve once had a training with one of the most experienced guys from the RYA showing us how to react when the boat starts to overpower in Force 10 winds. It felt like going straight down into the water when changing over for a tack. If you like that experience watch this short video. This is extreme sailing.

Watch the guy on Playstation walking forward at full speed at 3:04.

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link to YouTube video

Still hoping I will one day scratch together enough money to sail an Open 60 around the world.

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Animation: Credit Crisis visualized (one more time)

An outstanding visualization by Jonathan Jarvis – the 101 guide to the credit crisis animated.

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link to vimeo video

“…The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated. This project was completed as part of my thesis work in the Media Design Program, a graduate studio at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California…”

More information:
Crisis of Credit web site

video by: Jonathan Jarvis

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Short Film: Ai – Life in the Shadow of Death

Interesting Samurai short film by Raffi Asdourian.

“…A young woman, haunted by the memories of her parents being murdered, discovers the truth about herself and her sensei. Inspired by the great tradition of Japanese cinema, Ai is an exploration of themes that stem from the era of the fearless warriors, the samurai…”

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link to YouTube video

More information:
Raffi Asdourian’s blog

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Duvet-Dayz: More than 500,000 spam messages received and blocked

image Duvet-Dayz logo small Earlier this month we received our 500,000nd spam message and thanks to our spam filters it was blocked like the many others before.

And the winner is:

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sent from San Diego, CA, USA

Please contact us with your company billing address so that we can provide you with a free Duvet-Dayz T-Shirt.

Note: Today our caught spam count has reached 529,211 spam messages received and blocked.

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Time: 1234567890

image Clock small Tonight we finally reached “1234567890″ as Unix time. If you run a Unix or Linux machine try the following command:

$ date -d @1234567890
Sat 14. Feb 00:31:30 CET 2009

Note: Due to the Unix date function (since 1972) is not calculating the astronomical time but calendar time (e.g. leap year/second) 1234567890 seconds after 01-01-1970 was actually at 0:30:56.

More information:
Unix Time at Wikipedia

image by ToniVC @ flickr

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UN: How not to manage IS/IT

image Smoke and Mirrors small A metaphor / parable on how tax payers’ money is burned within some internationally (un)-coordinated organizations aka multinationals aka United Nations.
The underlying story is based on actual experiences in the field of Information Systems / Information Technology (IS/IT) within one of the largest UN organizations. While – as we hear – since then things got even worse, this short story not only tries to demonstrate the lack of professionalism in those organizations, but also what happens when people who “know what they are doing” come to those organizations without political protection by their own governments. The sad endings to these stories are often like in the underlying true case used for this metaphor.
With that case we know about the professional coming in (who was an IS/IT manager with real hands-on knowledge that had earned him some of the most prestigious awards of the industry that money can’t buy) got pushed out of the organization with criminal means and Mafia like methods, threatened, smeared and witch hunted and already till today had to endure besides this multi-million dollar personal damages. The people responsible for the mess and disasters got promotions and after running the whole organization into the wall with almost 10,000 people suffering for years because of that and far beyond USD 100 million direct damages caused (indirect a multiple) were at best just moved aside to some other posts or even further palmed off.
We have recently spoken with one of their senior directors who (and that person really didn’t like that) had to acknowledge / confirm the amounts and damages mentioned above, and that they have to do almost everything of that multi-year program again.
Not that they would now consider hiring some real professionals – they seemingly continue to use people coming in by nepotism, with “legends / success stories” on their CVs from other similar failures as their achievements. The key reasons for failure of that program in the past were lack of business, IS/IT knowledge and management skills. The writing was already on the wall when they started up the program a few years ago with an almost “skill free zone” as the program management team after having excluded the few skilled ones that tried to participate by dodgy maneuvers and shady deals with some of their buddies.
What a waste of time, talent, ideas and money. And in the case of that organization also of lives. Not that anyone of those pulling the strings would care. And of course this complete failure was declared a success.
But now the metaphor / parable:
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