Music: The TV show

Enjoy – a great animation produced this year.

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Climate Change: Hurricane ad from Ogilvy

No comment – see the GreenPeace “I am sorry” campaign.

Climate Change: Those hacked e-mails

Some more facts about “those leaked climate change emails” that have mobilized all those figures now claiming there’s nothing to be frightened about – its all a “scam” – you name it – well you know – just carry on watching TV – you know like the GOOOOOD people.

Yes Bernie that’s how you got those 50 billions but we’re not sure that this also works with mass manipulation.

And in completely unrelated news by these maSS-manipulators – the leading industrial nations – might be again announced during the Copenhagen photo opportunity – have agreed to shell out USD 10 Billions per year to fight those “non-existing” threats to human race on this planet – providing those monies to countries who are hardest hit by climate change – small island states – developing countries with long and low coast lines – i.e. BangLadesh – but don’t worry – nothing to fear here – move on – and if that won’t help – well there is still “duck and cover” that worked so well in the 1950s with the atomic bribery…

– So grandma is fine – and she lived for almost 80 years now – there ain’t no warming – she always says she’s feeling cold…

Wake up before it’s too late – stop believing those who make a profit from trading toxic waste and pollution to developing countries – they have a clearly vested interest here and it certainly is not in your best interest to comply with their games.

“…Now that the conspiracy theorists have blown off steam, it’s time for a more sober analysis of those e-mails and what they mean. I can’t go through all of them, there are far too many, and . So I’ve taken the two that seem to be getting conspiracy theorists most worked up — Phil Jones’s e-mail about “Mike’s Nature trick” and Kevin Trenberth’s e-mail about a “travesty.” I’m glad to see that skeptic websites that cover the science understand what these e-mails actually mean. As you’ll see, very few commentators who jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon even before reading the e-mails mandged to get it right…”


One and a half hours of great Techno – available also for take away – as MP3 download from


vom Feinsten

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Video: Common People – StarTreck mashup

This is captain Kirk, Spock and all the others meeting Pulp’s “Common People” – red shirts included.

“…you never live like common people…

…You will never understand how it feels to live your life with no meaning or control – and with nowhere left to go…”

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World: AI’s 1 million clicks against poverty

Amnesty International has started a new campaign against worldwide poverty called “1 Million Clicks Against Poverty”.

They are supported by eboy who’s large scale pixel graphics are well known around the Internet and fans.

Click on the image below for a larger version

link to eboy web site

There are currently 2.5 billion people living in poverty in the world.

They not only suffer from destitution but they are also trapped, excluded, without any chance of having a word to say and threatened with violence and insecurity.

To be taken care of, to have an education or justice are legal and human rights that everyone should beneficiate of.

More information on the Amnesty International 1 million clicks against poverty campaign web site.

eboy shop for the large scale version of the picture (EUR 5 for each poster go to A.I.).