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Video: Rokkit online archive

If you like great animation clips, good advertisements or short films head over to Rokkit. It is actually a well known agency in London but they have dozens of high quality videos online. Try out our suggestions below or go to their director page for a start. There is one you absolutely must see – [...]

Games: Dynamic Flow experiences

Two often overlooked but beautiful games are the Cloud game and flOw. Both are great examples of flow in games or visualizations. Watch the introduction video of Cloud online or play flOw just to let you calm down by the music. Jenova Chen who worked on the creation of these games has some background information [...]

Video: FedEx Ant Hill

In a presentation FedEx CIO referred to a video that shows the airplane network of FedEx planes flying in and out of Memphis during a 24 hour period. The video is on YouTube now. Nice animation and very relaxing to watch. Click on the image for the jump (multimedia) via Rebelutionary

Computers: First things first

After all the ranting and raving today we thought it might be good to have someone else describe the most “pressing” technical issues. So here is what David Letterman has to say about computers in general, the blogosphere (sorry Dave Sifry) and some issues companies like Sony, Dell and others had to go through the [...]

Internet: Finding the most watched advertising videos

While many just switch to another channel when a block of advertisements starts on TV, others seemingly can’t get enough of it. And we’re talking dozens of million views here… All-time-high winner Sony Bravia not only made it to the front-page news, got millions of views on the top download sites, it even got its [...]

Star Trek vs. Star War: Empire vs. Warp drive

As a nice add on to our recent Star Trek article below a mash-up movie of Star Wars and Star Trek. Who will win… YouTube video: click on the image below to open.