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Economy: The sad Car Maker joke

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With the American car makers on the edge of the abyss and hoping for a bail-out by the government we thought it might be appropriate to remind you of this sad car maker joke…

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Business: Japan Airline’s CEO tells lesson to other CEO

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The head of one of the top 10 airlines in the world shows no empathy for the overinflated pay and gigantic boni that other CEOs rake in every year.

Yesterday the CEO of Ford also announced that he will only demand a symbolic pay of one dollar within the rescue package requesting billions from the government. But otherwise in banks – with some exceptions – it still seems business as usual and millions of dollars in CEO salary alone remains the standard…

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Video: Moonwalk

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Things you can do with YouTube.

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2008 End-of-Year List compilation

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Like in the last years since 2001 Fimoculous has come up with a great compilation of the best lists this year, from advertising, over books, comics, food, music to words.

Check back at their site a few times as lists for the different topics become available one after the other. Last year they selected over 600 lists.

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Art: The way things go

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One of the best known pieces of contemporary Swiss art or better the objects used to make the Art Film “The way things go” (Der Lauf der Dinge) by Peter Fischli and David Weiss is up for sale at Christie’s Zurich.

It’s a good reminder to watch this master piece again that has been copied or ideas used from it quite a few times, most prominently within Honda’s outstanding Cog commercial.

There is a trailer online (link below) and a DVD with the film is available in…

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Quote of the day: Life

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The following lines were found at Derzhavin’s table after his death:

The current of Time’s river
Will carry off all human deeds
And sink into oblivion
All peoples, kingdoms and their kings.
And if there’s something that remains
Through sounds of horn and lyre,
It too will disappear into the maw of time
And not avoid the common pyre… (lines broken)

Gavriil (Gavrila) Romanovich Derzhavin, 1743 – 1816, Russian poet

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