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AIDS: Liberia Vice

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During the last days VBS.TV has made a series of videos available created by them while traveling in Liberia (so far mainly Monrovia and surroundings) and talking to local journalists, war lords, slum inhabitants and other “normal people“. A story about civil war, drugs, AIDS, child soldiers, rape, daily killing, corruption, cannibalism… – it shows how deep the rabbit hole goes in one of the poorest countries and failed states on this planet.

The series comprises 8 short videos with different stations of their “travel” through Liberia of which so far 4 are online on their site.
What they have so far not covered is how much foreign aid is sunk into this country and what actually happens with it…

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Climate-Change: Copenhagen and now?

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So the vast “show and photo opportunity” meeting in Copenhagen is coming to an end now and could someone please tell what has actually been achieved in this huge media event.

A 3 page document with some teasers but now clear road-map on who-does-what-and-when. The talks on atomic weapons between the U.S. and Russia that happened at the same venue might prove to be more outcome oriented then that other show.

Will the bankster be allowed to expand their casino games with derivatives / virtual money creation for them to the so-called “Cap & Trade” certificates and thereby will most certainly create a world-wide crisis that will be bigger by orders of magnitude than the current financial crisis?

Will someone start to limit the global levels of pollution instead of fostering opaque trading schemes that are only good for story telling and profiteering – read: the industrialized nations reduced their pollutions – e.g. by 30% while at the same time the polluters have just shifted those factories somewhere else where these are then for whatever reason not counted into the scheme?

Will the whole thing like in other areas e.g. pandemics be handled by some kind of fund or financial instrument that in the past have regularly proven to be the most inefficient way, without any accountability or actual transparency, blowing money on themselves and their buddies, often institutionalized corruption and rates as bad as US$ 1000 put in and a mere US$10 arriving at the actual cause?

Well let’s see what the soon to happen next meeting in Berlin will bring…

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Climate Change: Germanwatch presents Global Climate Risk Index 2010

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The climate and development organization Germanwatch has today published its Global Climate Risk Index 2010. The Global Climate Risk Index analyzes to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heatwaves etc.).

The Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) developed by Germanwatch analyzes the quantified impacts of extreme weather events in terms of people that have died from them, as well as economic losses that occurred. It is based on data from Munich Re´s Nat-CatSERVICE® which is one of the most reliable and complete data bases on this matter. While it does not take into account aspects such as sea-level rise or glacier melting, climate change is an increasingly important factor for the occurrence and intensity of these events. The CRI can therefore provide an indication of levels of exposure and vulnerability to extreme events which countries should see as a warning signal to prepare for more severe events in the future. The fifth edition of the CRI looks particularly at the impacts of extreme weather events from 1990 up until the most recent available data – 2008…

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World: AI’s 1 million clicks against poverty

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Amnesty International has started a new campaign against worldwide poverty called “1 Million Clicks Against Poverty”.

They are supported by eboy who’s large scale pixel graphics are well known around the Internet and fans…

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Word Aids Day: Best Comment Seen (so far)

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Is it already another year down the drain – World AIDS DAY again – did we miss something? Certainly not with regards to that topic.

Business as usual – story telling, promises, shoulder rubbing and clapping wherever you look. But less and less are looking. They have problems – much more problems themselves today than a year ago – and they don’t want to listen to promises of if-you-give-us-another-xxx-billions-we-will-do-something-you-could-have-for-a-few-millions-with-no-problem-anywhere-else stories anymore.

Maybe this time around even some politicians and top bureaucrats that all the years before have happily looked “…the other way…” are starting to understand that some “real” results might even forward them.

Maybe there is some common sense reappearing. That funding mass murderers, torturers, mass rapists, organized crime and – you name it – actually might not change the situation of those that suffer from this fatal disease. Maybe someone who has the power will finally stand up and say: It’s enough – we will not fund the perks of parasites and clowns anymore – we will actually do something for the people…

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UN: How not to manage IS/IT

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A metaphor / parable on how tax payers’ money is burned within some internationally (un)-coordinated organizations aka multinationals aka United Nations.

The underlying story is based on actual experiences in the field of Information Systems / Information Technology (IS/IT) within one of the largest UN organizations. While – as we hear – since then things got even worse, this short story not only tries to demonstrate the lack of professionalism in those organizations, but also what happens when people who “know what they are doing” come to those organizations without political protection by their own governments. The sad endings to these stories are often like in the underlying true case used for this metaphor.

With that case we know…

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