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Goodbye 2010 – Welcome 2011

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A happy and prosperous 2011 from the team

All the best for next year !

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Duvet-Dayz: Another welcome back

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Hello and welcome back (again) – after a long silence on this site new life will come to it during the next days.

We will change the overall profile and focus more on open source content in the literal sense, (re)publishing content from writers that allow us to do so together with the content of our own provenience.

Now finally the look-and-feel of this site will also get some new cloths, overdue as we think as our current layout is now more than 3 years old.

But first for some new content.

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Duvet-Dayz: Welcome back

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It’s been a while since we’ve been around – so welcome back.

We’ve been busy doing a few other things but now there will be more duvet-dayz time reserved for us (and hopefully also for you).

So why not start over with some music?

Something nice and new – check the next post.

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Duvet-Dayz: More than 500,000 spam messages received and blocked

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Earlier this month we received our 500,000nd spam message and thanks to our spam filters it was blocked like the many others before.

And the winner is..

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Happy Holidays from

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Thanks to all our readers for another year of your support.
Best wishes and happy holidays!

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Duvet-Dayz: 1000 Posts!

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Finally, after more than two years and almost 450,000 spam messages received, here it is: Our 1000nd blog post!

We did a break last year for almost four months, but have many plans to expand this place and hope we will get the opportunity to share it with all of you.

Many thanks to all our readers and we hope you will continue coming back to this blog.

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