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Data Visualization: Stormpulse

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While not intended as an official weather forecast, Stormpulse has a huge database of major storms and hurricanes since the 1850s.

Based on data from the National Hurricane Center, Satellite stations and Nasa, data of current and past storms is visualized and continuously updated. Additionally you can check the latest news and satellite images of the area where the storm is passing through.

Stormpulse also provides an API that enables…

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Land Rover get’s your Chelsea tractor carbon-neutral

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Land Rover has today announced the first projects in its CO2 Offset Program to reduce greenhouse gases with projects in Tajikistan and China. The first projects include a hydro-electric power plant in Tajikistan and a wind farm in China. Together these projects will offset 150,000 tons of CO2 a year. Further projects in Uganda, India, Turkey and the Dominican Republic are currently evaluated. Customers of all new Land Rover vehicles sold in the UK from this year on will pay…

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UK: (Small) Tornado hits North London

While there are about 50 small Tornadoes reported on land in the UK each year – the most of all countries in Europe – this one due to the damages created is quite unusual. Within less then a minute that the tornado lasted it severely damaged more then 100 houses and injured a series of [...]

Full length (updated: was) online: Who killed the Electric Car?

Those of us that did not get a chance to watch Chris Pane’s documentary “Who killed the Electric Car?” when it was released during June 2006 now, thanks to Google Video, got a chance to watch it in full length from our computers. Wikipedia and IMDb both provide additional information on the movie. We have [...]