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Military Commissions Act: Yay, Nay who voted what?

Those of you American citizens that would like to know who is so freely giving away your civil rights should check the BORDC website. Currently only the Senate voting record is online but the house voting from yesterday should be available soon. More on the Military Commissions Act of 2006: UK’s highly popular website The [...]

The Economist: On issues with US voting machines

In his last edition top European business and political magazine The Economist has an interesting brief article on US voting machines.Crash and re-boot, that’s how the article is titled, is looking into how the wrong kind of voting machines could bring chaos to the mid-term elections. Even the Economist that rarely is using stronger wording [...]

Full length (updated: was) online: Who killed the Electric Car?

Those of us that did not get a chance to watch Chris Pane’s documentary “Who killed the Electric Car?” when it was released during June 2006 now, thanks to Google Video, got a chance to watch it in full length from our computers. Wikipedia and IMDb both provide additional information on the movie. We have [...]