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Street-Art: London as an Open Prison

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These signs are currently popping up all over London.

An excellent idea to create awareness of the planned ID card project in the UK. You find more images of this great poster “here”, “here” and “here”.

We refrain from commenting on the subject directly (in our opinion the issues…

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Internet: ordered offline by US court

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The BBC today has an article online about, a website that allows whistle-blowers to anonymously post government and corporate documents.

The “BBC reports” that “…following a California court ruling, the site been taken offline in the US…” Well seemingly that’s not completely true. You won’t get access to the site via but that’s because the DNS server entries have been deleted.

But hey – there are other ways. You can access the site’s content at other servers on the Internet (see image below). We suggest searching for the web site’s name and DNS and you might find it yourself. Popular bookmarking sites might also turn out helpful.

While you can question the motives why people upload documents to this site or even question the content of some of them, definitely had a rough ride the last days.

Within days they endured a fire in their server room, massive DDoS attacks and censorship threats…

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Data visualization: Leading surveillance societies around the world

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Since 1997 two NGOs – the US-based Electronic Privacy Information Center and the UK-based Privacy International – have surveyed and assessed the state of surveillance and privacy protection in 47 countries. The annual Privacy & Human Rights Report compiled from their findings has by now become one of the most comprehensive surveys of global privacy and citizen rights.

Their “most recent report” published a few days ago has been created with the help of more than 200 experts from around the world and has grown to 1,100 pages. It shows trends of

…an overall worsening of privacy protection across the world, reflecting an increase in surveillance and a declining performance of privacy safeguards…“, and

…an increasing trend amongst governments to archive data on the geographic, communications and financial records of all their citizens and residents. This trend leads to the conclusion that all citizens, regardless of legal status, are under suspicion…

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UK: What went wrong with the Civil Service

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From a letter to the Daily Telegraph responding to the article “Why is the Civil Service a laughing stock?” by Philip Johnston

Sir – After a career of nearly 43 years in Westminster, I can tell Philip Johnston what has gone wrong with the Civil Service.

When I joined, it was a monolithic organisation, staffed by people who cared more for public service than for money, recruited with decent qualifications from an education system that worked, promoted in part by competitive examination, untainted by political bias and undiluted by endless useless management consultants.

Since then, the politicians have destroyed its public-service ethos by transferring so many to profit-making bodies, undermined its career structure by the wholesale importation of “here today, gone tomorrow” interlopers, forced party-political considerations to replace national ones and outsourced vital functions to private companies whose costs are exceeded only by their incompetence…

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Video: Xavier Naidoo – Abgrund (abyss)

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Once upon a time Xavier was doing songs that not only sounded great but also the lyrics were hot.

And his song “Abgrund” (abyss) is from that time.

“Xavier Naidoo” a “German singer and songwriter of South African Indian descent” is well known for his R&B and soul like sounds. You might enjoy the animation in this video alone but we do believe its important that you understand the lyrics of this song so we were trying to find an English translation on the net…

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UK: How to waste the tax payer’s money

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In times when governments – particularly in Europe – leave an ever growing number of their citizens after taxes and social security just with enough of their income to barely survive, more and more rumors and stories stories surface how bluntly this money is then blown by the administrators.

One might get the impression that the control mechanisms that once worked so-so…

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