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Quote of the day: Internet regulations are like witchcraft

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The fact that there is no such thing as witchcraft didn’t stop them from burning a lot of “witches”. By the same token the ineffectiveness of the “remedy” is actually worse for us. It’s like the “five-year-plan” that produces no wheat that yields an even more drastic “five-year-plan” that also produces no corn …

Cory Doctorow @ 28C3 28-December-2011

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Guy Fawkes Night 2011

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Tonight it is the 5th of November – Guy Fawkes’ night the 406th – and celebrations of this event are becoming more and more lively particularly in the UK.

Sign of the time?

“…Remember, remember the Fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I know of no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot…”

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Portugal: Where you have to study to be a slave – Parva Que Sou – Deolinda

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Not only in the Arabic world where young protesters have overturned regimes installed decades ago and kept alive by generous aid from abroad and oppression of their citizens, this summer also in Europe young people in many countries were filling the streets with their protest and anger.

In Lisbon, Portugal earlier this year about 300’000 people were protesting against so-called austerity cuts and the way how current politicians want to remedy the damages from the global financial crisis on the back of the poorest and the young. These were the biggest protests in Portugal since the Carnation Revolution in 1974 that overturned dictatorship.

A song that got accidentally famous on the Internet in Portugal is currently making its way across Europe. It strongly expresses the feelings of …

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Climate-Change: Copenhagen and now?

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So the vast “show and photo opportunity” meeting in Copenhagen is coming to an end now and could someone please tell what has actually been achieved in this huge media event.

A 3 page document with some teasers but now clear road-map on who-does-what-and-when. The talks on atomic weapons between the U.S. and Russia that happened at the same venue might prove to be more outcome oriented then that other show.

Will the bankster be allowed to expand their casino games with derivatives / virtual money creation for them to the so-called “Cap & Trade” certificates and thereby will most certainly create a world-wide crisis that will be bigger by orders of magnitude than the current financial crisis?

Will someone start to limit the global levels of pollution instead of fostering opaque trading schemes that are only good for story telling and profiteering – read: the industrialized nations reduced their pollutions – e.g. by 30% while at the same time the polluters have just shifted those factories somewhere else where these are then for whatever reason not counted into the scheme?

Will the whole thing like in other areas e.g. pandemics be handled by some kind of fund or financial instrument that in the past have regularly proven to be the most inefficient way, without any accountability or actual transparency, blowing money on themselves and their buddies, often institutionalized corruption and rates as bad as US$ 1000 put in and a mere US$10 arriving at the actual cause?

Well let’s see what the soon to happen next meeting in Berlin will bring…

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Civil-Rights: (Official) Censorship is coming back to Europe

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Today the German Parliament will vote on a new Censorship law to be put in place to block web content as decided by the German administration. Based on black listing web sites and blocking those at ISP level via DNS and the displaying of so-called Stop pages the planned law was originally been handed around and legislators were seeking public approval by false-flagging it as a solely preventive measure against child abuse / pornography.

While almost all experts heard on this matter (fighting such illegal material and use) have clearly demonstrated that the censoring of access is no way forward towards stopping such activities particularly as many of the web servers in question were even physically located in Germany and other means (take-down notice to providers) proofed that within shortest notice (often less than a day) the material was taken off the net, it became more and more clear that the German Government is seemingly following a completely different agenda. The latest text of the law not even contains a reference anymore to the previously so broadly used argument of fighting child abuse but provides the general right to block any Internet content as…

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The 2007 Mafia Inc. Balance Sheet

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It looks like it was another very good year for Mafia Inc. in Italy.

With corruption and bribery on the rise almost everywhere the Neo-Liberals got a foot in the door and with the worldwide financial crisis 2008 might turn out to become even better.

With the Neo-Liberal deregulations and the loss of business ethics, new business practices that were just a few years ago considered as criminal and prosecuted as such together with the vacuum created by the loss of values, no wonder bribery and corruption is on the rise, and everybody seems to be doing it not necessarily because they want so, but because they are forced to.

Single persons to get a favor or place someone on an important position, companies to get contracts, and governments on a really, really big scale. And who would be surprised that at the same time these governments have…

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