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New York: Historic Bus and Subway Maps

The New York City Subway Resources site has many historic subway and bus transit maps – most of them in high resolution format.Some of the maps are dating back to 1888. Also have a look at their “Subway Art Guide” with a list of over 125 artworks in New York City Subway Stations. Maps, [...]

Sheep dash: How fast are your reactions?

Another BBC link – but it’s pretty good so we had to include it.In their Science and Nature section Auntie has put up a neat little time waster game.And remember …Tiredness can affect your reaction times… Click on the image for the jump (flash game)

Weekend activity: Have Fun with Ms. Dewey

You can say a lot about Ms. Dewey the Flash interface that Microsoft has put up to promote its Live Search web site. It might be tacky, completely useless for a search engine, they could have chosen a different girl, a complete waste of time. It’s fun – maybe not for longer than a few [...]