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Rant of the day: 20061107

For today a little puzzle:It’s voting time all around in the US today so let’s look a bit into the future:You’ve got that all-shiny-high-tech new passport the state department just started to hand out. Yes we know you’re still waiting for that RFID – Crypto (clipper 2) chip cover but you like the new look [...]

Best Valentines Day Card

the best and most honest Valentines day card seen since long… original image at: XKCD

Firefox 2: Microsoft sends a cake to congratulate

A member of the Firefox team has put up on his private blog this image of a cake said to be sent by the Microsoft Internet Explorer team to the Mozilla Corporation (Firefox team) congratulating them for their successful roll-out of their (and the only one still) competing web browser. We wish to congratulate as [...]