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Interactive Map: World’s Most Polluted Places

The Blacksmith Institute has created a list and interactive map of the Top-10 worlds worst polluted places. The list was compiled with the help of a technical advisory board including experts from John Hopkins, Hunter College and Harvard University. The Top-10 were selected from more then 300 potential sites by evaluating where human health is [...]

3D-Scanner: Handheld 3D scanning on the go

US 3D scanner and printer company Z Corporation has introduced a new portable 3D scanner the Z Scanner 700. The system connects to computers via FireWire and creates scans of the object surface in almost real-time. The company claims that the scanner can capture virtually any object from any angle, anywhere. As this scanner can [...]

Adobe: New Flash Player 9 for Vista and Linux

A new release of Adobe Flash Player 9 has been made available for download today on the Adobe labs web site. In addition to bug fixes and minor enhancements, the new release introduces support for full screen mode in the web player and support for Windows Vista. A prerelease build of Flash Player 9 Update [...]

Street life: Cardboard house paintings from Japan

Japanese web site Cardboard-House-Painting has a set of galleries online with photographs of cardboard shelter paintings from people who lived on the street in Japan’s homeless city that was created around the Shinjuku Underground station’s in the mid-1990s. …Hundreds of cardboard houses grew up in the underground passageways of the west exit. On each of [...]

Tomy LUMI PAD: Fridge Messages that glow in the dark

Japanese toy maker Tomy has introduced a new model of its LUMI PAD series that you can attach to your fridge. With this battery-powered magnetic message board no message will be missed anymore. It has a build-in movement sensor and uses pens with special ink that glows in the dark. When it is switched on [...]

Apple: Video iPod ships with MS Windows Virus

Last night Apple officially acknowledged that a small number of Video iPods available for purchase after 12-September-2006 have been infected with the MS Windows RavMonE.exe Virus The virus will not damage any Apple Macs or the iPod, but will attack MS Windows machines connected to infected iPods. RavMonE.exe is a Spyware Worm (type W32/RJump-B) that [...]