Europe Day

Today’s Europe Day celebrations might turn out to be rather toned down particularly with the political development of the last days in Greece and France.

With the right wing Nazis getting a come-back in Athens and even more votes (around 20%) for far right wing parties in France after the success of those extremist parties in Hungary or Belgium, it demonstrates that some certainly never learn from history. Together with the disasters created to cover-up the crimes of Bankster and their friends / financial special interest groups better known as market liberals, it seems Europe is making huge steps away from becoming unified and results from decades before are being destroyed fast.

Europe’s anthem – Schiller’s ode to joy – set in music by Ludwig van Beethoven, describes an ideal society of equal people linked by friendship and brotherhood. While it became one of Schiller’s widest known poems (and also as the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony one of his most played musical setting) even Schiller himself later in his life had considered it as detached from reality.

Appropriately to the current situation in Europe and recent comments by Goldman Sachs we have chosen the version of the anthem performed by the Muppets.

The tune of the European anthem was also used from 1974 – 1980 as the anthem of Rhodesia – let’s hope Europe does not follows down the same path.

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