Humor: Everything is perishable – Twitter on toilet rolls

Finally the perspiration and debris of so many that are clogging social networks with superfluous messages to the world like “I’m cooking xxx…” or “I have to go to the bathroom…” have found an adequate destination – printed onto a toilet paper roll.

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image Twitter on toilet paper

A group that calls itself shitter has started a service that takes one or more feeds from your Twitter account and prints it out onto four rolls of toilet paper. The price is a bit steep ($35) but as a one-off if you for example know those who are spamming your account so eloquently, it will make the perfect gift to give back to them what they have so generously provided to you with their tweets in the past.

Now we would like to see a real-time version of that – a printer integrated into a toilet roll dispenser – as shown a few weeks ago there are plenty more applications for a device like that.

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