Humor: Stephen Colbert is preparing them

image Twitter preparethem In response to what was said by Mitt Romney during his “victory speech” on Tuesday in Florida, Stephen Colbert created the hashtag #PrepareThem on Twitter. As we all know Stephen will always try to help out when it comes to support the GOP with finding the perfect candidate…

The best quotes we’ve seen so far:
(Comedy alert — Comedy alert – politicians and yaysayers there is nothing to see here – carry on looking the other way):

  • Newt Gingrich is a family values candidate. He values families so much, he’s had three!
  • You can’t spell “Romney” w/o “money”, you can’t spell “Gingrich” w/o “rich”, you can’t spell “Santorum” w/o laughing.
  • If Newt got divorced while President, would his ex wife get half of America?
  • We are here to #Preparethem for what’s coming.
  • Romney does to businesses what Newt does to his wives
  • #Mitt’s talent for self enrichment & plunder from pathetic inefficiency are an inspiration for any Kaputillest”– David Koch
  • Notice #Newt ‘s wives only recovered from their illness once he left
  • If Newt and Mitt aren’t good reasons to vote Democrat, there’re excellent reasons to be pro-choice!
  • Mitt is not worried about the very poor, there will always be enough around to wash his magic underwear.
  • Newt, Mittens, or Cthulhu? Why go with the lesser evil?
  • Can someone ask Mitt Romney why he wants to be President? Because I don’t think he knows the answer to that question
  • Romney, Gingrich, Obama, along with Santorum most supported lender relief as well as NDAA. These men are the identical. #preparethem
  • Reading the #preparethem feed is like a Turing test.

image Stephen Colbert Overall we really like the deep confidence that 99.998% of all commenters expressed with those candidates for one of the most important positions on this planet. Yes guys, can you feel it, that’s the strong backhold, roots and support you have with anybody on the street, your country or anybody talking to you that has not been paid to say otherwise.

Maybe a metaphor in the gestalt of a quote from Bertold Brecht helps:

Some party hack decreed that the people
had lost the government’s confidence
and could only regain it with redoubled effort.
If that is the case, would it not be be simpler,
if the government simply dissolved the people.

(German original: Nach dem Aufstand des 17. Juni ließ der Sekretär des Schriftstellerverbands
in der Stalinallee Flugblätter verteilen auf denen zu lesen war, daß das Volk das Vertrauen der Regierung verscherzt habe und es nur durch verdoppelte Arbeit zurückerobern könne.
Wäre es da nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung löste das Volk auf und wählte ein anderes?)

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