Advertising: Dear Silvio by RyanAir

Advertising as we like it – funny, greatly executed and with high current relevance to make most people smile.

RyanAir with a new ad shown on their web site is offering Silvio Berlusconi “another possibility to escape“.

In difference to about 10%+ of his colleagues in the Italian parliament who are already convicted criminals, Silvio Berlusconi has during the last years successfully used his financial and political powers to shield away any criminal prosecution from himself by new laws and delay tactics – at least as long he stays in power and that now might soon be changing…

Click on the image below for the link

link to RyanAir web site

The Ad reads:

Caro Silvio
Un’altra occasione per scappare – con RyanAir

in English: Dear Silvio
another possibility to escape – with RyanAir

BTW did you know that the FireFox / OpenOffice spell checker considers Berlusconi a spelling mistake and offers Coniferous – a cone bearing tree – as correction

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