Life: Fake Work in the wild

image workers Fake Work – the best description for a cancer / plague often seen in large monolithic organizations. It is also very popular in organizations that have far to many people for the tasks assigned to them, but justify their existence with such counterproductive activities.

We’ve observed its most extreme use with a so-called Public-Private-Partnership in Geneva where 600 people are “working hard” to burn through Billions of tax payers funds while doing the work of 50. The sadest thing about such environments is that those who don’t do anything productive will most of the time get the recognition while the few others working hard are often treated like dirt.

Here’s the best definition we found ( :

Fake Work (FW): A project or task that keeps one or multiple people busy yet has no productive value. It serves to keep an illusion alive that there is still something of productive value being achieved.

More info on the topic: Fake Work is Destroying America

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