Duvet-Dayz: Another welcome back

image Duvet-Dayz logo small Hello and welcome back (again) – after a long silence on this site new life will come to it during the next days.

We will change the overall profile and focus more on open source content in the literal sense, (re)publishing content from writers that allow us to do so together with the content of our own provenience.

Now finally the look-and-feel of this site will also get some new cloths, overdue as we think as our current layout is now more than 3 years old.

But first for some new content.

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  1. Duvet-Dayz: Some Upgrades completed
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    We finally have completed the first part of our complete web site overhaul last night and can now start over again to post stories and news on interesting things.

    There are still many glitches and issues e.g. with white spaces and differences between IE and Firefox or other web browsers but these will be gone once our new layout will be released within the next days. So far we have implemented the underlying “plumbing” and because of issues with some of the plug-ins we used in the past we were forced to touch every post we have written in the past two years.

    Anyway we hope that the new layout and features that are now possible will compensate for the wait. We are currently also evaluating if we will make some of the new features – particularly the semantic web features in the pipeline – available as plug-ins for public use.

    Many thanks for your patience and sorry for the delays. From today on we will do what we hope will let you all come back frequently to Duvet-Dayz.com – put up new stories and news.

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  3. Duvet-Dayz: Upgrade of site
  4. We are currently upgrading this site and it is taking longer than expected. New posts will be back during the second half of this week. Sorry for the delay…but that upgrade was overdue for more that a year and we unfortunately have to do most of it manually – meaning we have to touch each [...]

  5. Duvet-Dayz: Welcome back
  6. link to article
    It’s been a while since we’ve been around – so welcome back.

    We’ve been busy doing a few other things but now there will be more duvet-dayz time reserved for us (and hopefully also for you).

    So why not start over with some music?

    Something nice and new – check the next post.

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  8. Most popular (week 15 to 22-October-2006): (22-10-2006) Sudan: UN envoy ordered to leave country for blogging(22-10-2006) Motionposter: Best advertising idea since years(21-10-2006) Game on: Huge interactive computer game exhibition in London(20-10-2006) Russia: Activities of more then 90 NGOs suspended(18-10-2006) Japan: Mobile Phone checks for drink-driving(18-10-2006) Street life: Cardboard house paintings from Japan(18-10-2006) Apple: Video iPod [...]

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