Word Aids Day: Best Comment Seen (so far)

image img AIDS ribbonIs it already another year down the drain – World AIDS DAY again – did we miss something? Certainly not with regards to that topic.

Business as usual – story telling, promises, shoulder rubbing and clapping wherever you look. But less and less are looking. They have problems – much more problems themselves today than a year ago – and they don’t want to listen to promises of if-you-give-us-another-xxx-billions-we-will-do-something-you-could-have-for-a-few-millions-with-no-problem-anywhere-else stories anymore.

Maybe this time around even some politicians and top bureaucrats that all the years before have happily looked “…the other way…” are starting to understand that some “real” results might even forward them.

Maybe there is some common sense reappearing. That funding mass murderers, torturers, mass rapists, organized crime and – you name it – actually might not change the situation of those that suffer from this fatal disease. Maybe someone who has the power will finally stand up and say: It’s enough – we will not fund the perks of parasites and clowns anymore – we will actually do something for the people.

But wake up – it’s 2009 – the year of the Goldmans, the unemployed, the poor and the bankster bonuses, the stealing from the middle class, the wars of the pacifists, the year of the clowns. So what would you expect. Something new or different – wake up, stop dreaming and do something about it.

So far the “usual suspects” still believe you are all sheep ready to be slaughtered at their wimp, and if you carry on like that you certainly will be. Do you think that FDR would have had the base to pass his new deal if people where lining up to be slaughtered – the farmers, the workers and the middle class where together on their cause and expressed what they thought was going completely wrong. And they were ready to back up their opinions with whatever was necessary to make it possible that their children would not have to go through that as well. Now a few generations later we’re at that point again. Will you allow that your children will go into life long servitude or have a possibility and chance to decide on their lives. It’s up to you – whoever tells you different – is lying. (– mumbling in the crowd – nodding – now what).

Sorry to disappoint you – you’re still watching to many movies – it’s servitude you have chosen for you and your children (and their children and their children and…). This is the 17th century back big – and those in power don’t give a fxxx about your opinion. The have just rearmed the fighting forces and other para-militia (not the ones who are fighting and loosing their lives in Afghanistan or Iraq of course) – no the ones who will be providing what is now again called “crowd control” – that means you and your children. Get ready to bend for your new masters. Don’t ask for bread ask for cake – you wont get either anyway.

So after the playing field is now a bit clearer maybe the blowing of billions by those “usual suspects” doesn’t hurt that much anymore. So far the word in the industry was if you buy product “xxx” you might be stupid enough aka receptive enough to also spend money on “that cause”….

Now back to the topic – where was I ???

So the best comment we’ve seen was in the Guardian that Nike now has lined up with the cause of funding the so-called “Global Fund” (neither a fund nor global) together with “Bono” and Apple and Exxon and AMEX and StarBuck and …. to do something for themselves for the better of the world…

It potentially also emphasizes that there is nothing to expect from the organizations involved in the “global aids industry” (not the ones just mentioned) besides making themselves feel good:

“…I found it ironic that Nike, whom I had always understood to use child sweat shop labour, is promoting red laces with a very holier-than-thou attitude…”

We suggest that you read some of the other comments on this article as well – might provide some additional insides into some of the players mentioned above.

But it’s your choice – life or servitude – those living with Aids might see this with different eyes.

Here’s the link to the Guardian article with the title :Can Red lattes beat Aids in Africa?

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