Financial Crisis: Max Keiser – “Goldman Sachs Are Scum”

…They are literally stealing a hundred million dollars a day. Goldman Sachs is stealing every day on the floor of the exchange. They should be in the Hague, they should be taken on financial terrorism charges. They should all be thrown in jail…”

Part 2 of this interview is here

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  1. Financial Crisis 101: Why CDS could never work
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    Many still call or describe CDS (Credit Default Swaps) as a kind of insurance policy against credit risk to limit the risk of the lender. Well that might be so in their dreams or it has been used as a camouflage by the bankers to persuade the investors of the quality – or to mislead them on the lack of it – and suggest that there would be an underlying asset.

    And that’s were all the problems start. To issue or construct a CDS there was never a requirement to actually being linked to, i.e. having provided or taken out the credit or having an contractual agreement with these two parties.

    Everybody could issue CDS completely unregulated and unlimited. This is of course the reason for the incredible amounts being pushed around and it also provides the reason that – in rare cases CDS might have been an insurance against credit defaults – but in general these papers were only betting slips if certain events might occur most similar to betting on horses or dogs races.

    If these instruments would have only been allowed to use for …

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  3. Humor: The true story behind the U.S. 700 Billion Bail-out plan
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    Much has been said this week about the so-called USD 700 Billion bail-out plan for banks by the current U.S. administration and finally the right question was asked in congress yesterday – How did you arrive at that USD 700 billion number…

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  5. Financial Crisis: How to say good by in style
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    One of the big questions and one some of us are getting asked quite a few times these days is it already time to buy back or still better to wait was answered by a Californian hedge fund manager – Andrew Lahde – who made one of the biggest percentage profits of all time and bowed out of the business last Friday with a fierce attack on the “idiots” running big banks who were willing to take the other side of his bets.

    He also demonstrated how to say good by in style (when you’ve made your profit).

    Below a quote from the letter he sent out and published on the INet (link to full text below)…

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  7. Humor: Music videos about the Financial crisis
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    Four music videos on the banking crisis based on some all time classics – from Elton John’s Candles in the Wind / Bankers in the Wind to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire / Wall Street Meltdown

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