Image: Carbon Footprint Reduction Services

After another climate conference with no tangible results just over today (the UN one in Poland), maybe this sarcastic infographic from “The Onion” web site is indeed as far as the change has come (besides the changing weather patterns etc. of course).

Click on the image below for the link (original size image)

link to The Onion

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    While we don’t like the idea to demonstrate any difference between people by the color of your skin, we are remembering that not so long ago (less than 30 years in some states of the U.S.) a person like Obama would have seen his parents arrested for the (difference in the) color of their skin and he himself would have been a complete outcast in normal life left alone political life.

    So because of this and only because of this we believe the image below might visualize how big a step the U.S. has made yesterday with Barack Obama’s election for President.

    It certainly visualizes that there is a change. And when can you see 44 U.S. Presidents all together in one image.

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    Land Rover has today announced the first projects in its CO2 Offset Program to reduce greenhouse gases with projects in Tajikistan and China. The first projects include a hydro-electric power plant in Tajikistan and a wind farm in China. Together these projects will offset 150,000 tons of CO2 a year. Further projects in Uganda, India, Turkey and the Dominican Republic are currently evaluated. Customers of all new Land Rover vehicles sold in the UK from this year on will pay…

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    So called Trojan and Malware kits have been around since quite some time and most of the people working with or on the Internet should by now have realized that the creation of Malware and spying on computers has developed into a full-fledged industry. And half-hearted security on web sites, corporate and private computers provides their share to the continuously growing size of bot networks together with operating systems that could sometimes best be described with the infamous term “unsafe at any speed”.

    We’ve seen the first of these Malware kits in the 1990s – then targeted at so called script kids – but since these years of …

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