Images: The Manhattan Street Corners

Between March and November 2006 NYC photographer Richard Howe has created a collection of photographs of every one of the about 11,000 street corners in Manhattan.

So far about half of these images are available through online galleries on his web site with more being added step-by-step.

Click on the image below for the link

link to Richard Howe's web site

From Richard Howe’s web site:
“…One of my intentions in undertaking The Manhattan Street Corners project was to catch the island at a single, if necessarily extended, moment in its history, which meant taking the photographs in the shortest time possible for me working alone.

I began photographing in mid-March, 2006, and finished in mid-November of that year. A total of 82 shooting days were required. About a third of the days in this eight month period were either unsuitable, weather-wise, for shooting, or were pre-empted by other obligations. The initial post-production work (downloading, backing up, provisional editing, etc.) following each shoot typically took up another whole day…”

More information:
Richard Howe’s web site

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