Politics: Power to the poster

Power to the poster calls itself a “a graphic design democracy project” commenting on the issues of our time. You’ll find dozens of 11×17 posters in PDF format for download and use anywhere.

Click on the image below for the link

link to Power to the Poster site

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    The House Judiciary Committee yesterday held a hearing titled “Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations”.

    While almost every speaker tried to express that this is “not a Bush impeachment hearing” it was setup to examine legal and legislative responses to allegations of misconduct and expansions of executive powers by the Bush administration.

    In short there has been at least a committee put into place to speak up on these outrageous things that have deteriorated the standing and reputation of the US around the globe.

    While we do understand the anger of the millions of Americans, particularly of those who lost their husbands, wives and children in a “war” for Oil and Trillions of Dollars “for the boys” and all those who have lost their homes, life’s work, pensions or possibility to get looked after when their ill, unfortunately history is telling us a rather crude and sad reality.

    Many impeachment movements also of the very few (17) in the history of the US that…

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  3. China: How to advertise for health
  4. It does not pay stealing copyrighted material from others. That’s a lesson some Chinese officials just learned the hard way. When the Ministry of Health of a Chinese city decided to make a poster to welcome visitors from around the world to its health summit, they came up with the poster show on the right [...]

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    These tags might come useful not just with bad design. Think corporate documents, bad ads…

    With “Design Police’s visual Enforcement kit” you can bring that crap to justice. Download the PDF templates from their web site and use as you see fit….

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  7. Quote of the day: Politics by Fear
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    We would normally not quote a leading Nazi figurehead, but when this leader said the following lines he was certain that his life will soon end in the Nuremberg Trials and had no interest to palliate one of the fundamental principles of the Nazi reign in Germany 1933-1945.

    The Nazis in Germany during that period were the first in recent history that have…

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