Time: PanAm 1937 Pacific Air Travel

It was quite a trip to cross the Pacific in the 1930s particularly by plane. When PanAm in 1936 started the first air service from the west coast to China it took 60h flight time and roughly 5 1/2 days travel time.

Have a look at the 1937 PanAm brochure for details of the trip that was scanned in by Telstar Logistics.

Click on the image below for the link

link to Telstar Logistics

“…In 1936, Pan American Airways inaugurated the world’s first commercial air service between the United States and China. Departing from Alameda, California aboard a Martin M-130 “China Clipper,” passengers reached Asia by playing hopscotch across the Pacific, stopping along the way for rest and refueling in Hawaii, the Midway Islands, Wake Island, Guam, and Manila before arriving in Hong Kong…”

More information:
1937 PanAm brochure at Flickr

image by Telstar Logistics

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