Augmented Reality: A monster on your desk

If you want to try out augmented reality effects for yourself all you need is Flash and a web cam connected to your computer.

Uses the Papervision and the FLARToolkit flash components. You’ll find some more examples at the FLARToolkit web site (link below). The Boffswana page (link below) has step by step instructions and the PDF with the marker. Source code is available.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to vimeo video

More information:
Boffswana with descriptions
FLARToolKit web site (look for the desktop fireworks example link)

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  1. Augmented Reality comes to flash with FLARToolKit @ Iorana Flex Says:

    [...] thing I thought of was this would be great for kids, seems like playstation thinks so too. And this guy as well. How about baseball cards? Look at this. How about adding air? No, not Adobe Air, but [...]