Business: Japan Airline’s CEO tells lesson to other CEO

The head of one of the top 10 airlines in the world shows no empathy for the overinflated pay and gigantic boni that other CEOs rake in every year.

Yesterday the CEO of Ford also announced that he will only demand a symbolic pay of one dollar within the rescue package requesting billions from the government. But otherwise in banks – with some exceptions – it still seems business as usual and millions of dollars in CEO salary alone remains the standard.

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“…Japan Airline CEO make less than his own Pilots ! U.S. CEO Should Learn from him…”

To us this looks much like the commitment seen for example in Germany after the WW2 when the country and industry had to be rebuild completely. There also many of the leading managers didn’t think about themselves first, but demonstrated commitment to their companies and workforce and hence gained the trust necessary to recreate their company.

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