Gadget: TeddyTaurus

If you liked to play with Teddies when you were younger and believe been seen with one at your age might not be such a great idea – here a two options:

A fried of us a while ago – always in the evening – was having a small white teddy bear looking out from one of the pockets of his jacket. Believe it or not – great success with the girls. Maybe it was the type of the bear.

The other option is more for home use: The TeddyTaurus.

Made by the great German toy company Steiff, the TeddyTaurus is most likely the first centaur to cuddle with. Like the centaurs in Greek mythology who were half horse half man, the TeddyTaurus is half Teddy half horse.

Click on the image below for the link (Japanese)

link to Steif Japan

More information:
Translated version of Steiff Japan TeddyTaurus page

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