25 Years MS Windows

It’s now 25 years ago since the first version of that thing called MS Windows started to infest became available for the new IBM PCs.

When you think back – that long ago – we were sitting and trying out that new interface provided to us on a PC the price of a small car today. And yes it was only black and white and it crashed and crashed and crashed (could be the applications), so most of the time we went back to a green shimmering monitor running Lotus 123 – latest after 15 minutes.

Actually it’s only 23 years ago because it took quite some time between the announcement and becoming available for sale. We started using it when MS persuaded us with an Alpha version of MS Windows 3.0 / 3.1 a few years later. If I recall it right that Alpha arrived on about 20 of these new 3.5″ floppies (each costing about 10 times as much as a DVD today). As time goes by…hmmmmmm.

Click on the images below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

link to YouTube video

BTW this is Steve B. in that second video shouting away and selling snake oil. Sorry for the bad video quality, we could not find a better version.

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