History: Kristallnacht – German pogrom of 1938

Tonight it is 70 years ago, that in the night of November 9th synagogues, Jewish shops and houses were destroyed throughout Germany and Austria. Almost a thousand Jews were murdered that night and 20-30,000 deported to concentration camps.

Sadly these days it looks like the extreme right wing thugs are creeping into society across Europe again. Where do you think that substantial amounts from all those Billions disappearing from military and so-called humanitarian aid programs are ending up?

This time it might not be the Jews, but will the majority of people again look to the other side and profit from the murder of their neighbors and others. Will they again be allowed afterwards to tell they didn’t know anything about it?

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“…The night of 9th of November 1938, Kristallnight, and their German and Austrian neighbors stood and watched how synagogues were torched, how whole communities were destroyed – and they were silent.

They were witness to the atrocities, the torture and degredation of their Jewish neighbors and they looked the other way. Their silence and their ignoring of what was taking place was the same as direct participation…”

Maybe you light a candle tonight for all those millions that died in Prgroms since that night around the world. When you see how people act on people, how they kill and torture others because of their religion, their opinion, the color of their skin, out of pure greed, hatred or plain craziness, one has to wonder if mankind has learned anything important since the medieval ages. We might today travel around the world, technology has advanced and some live much longer, but we have seemingly still not learned how to live with each other.

More information:
Wikipedia on the Reichskristallnacht

The opinions provided in the video are those of the creators of the video, Ashkenaz House (ashkenazhouse.org)

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