Russia’s answer on the U.S. Elections: Obama Matryoshkas

image Obama Dolls small In Moscow, matryoshka – little wooden dolls – of Barack Obama have become one of the best selling souvenirs among tourists and Russians.

While before the election both Obama and McCain dolls were offered by shopkeepers, the interest in McCain dolls that even before November 4th had sold in much smaller numbers, has now more or less completely diminished. Or as one of the sellers put it “my stock in McCain dolls is now worth about as much as shares in Lehman Brothers

Obama dolls are a new addition to the series of U.S. focused themes on sale in Russian tourist spots including dolls of former U.S. presidents like Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy.

A new set of Obama matryoshkas is in the planning that includes a small George W. Bush and an even smaller Clinton doll hidden inside a large Obama doll.

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