Animation: Swan Lake

We have reported about Glenn Mashall’s outstanding work with the processing engine a while ago. He has created another master piece and made it available online this week. It’s based on the Waltz from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake suite, rendered through with his music visualizer and created entirely as a generative/audio reactive animation, without keyframing, manual input or editing.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to vimeo video

From the creator’s blog:
“…I had to tweak a little the audio frequency selections – the Bodysnatchers setup didn’t translate well. The Radiohead track basically has two volumes – loud, and very loud. Orchestral pieces tend to have a vast dynamic range and more subtlety. Ideally I could have written a bit of code to automate this, but there’s a certain artistic sensibility and enjoyment involved when choosing which sounds will affect which bits of the animation, which leads me to think visualisers of the future could be more customisable by the user, as option though…”

More information:
Glenn Marshall’s web log

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