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Hannes Stoehr’s latest movie “Berlin Calling” tells the story of electronic music composer Martin aka DJ Icarus, who tours the clubs together with his manager and girlfriend Mathilde. Just before the release of his biggest album, one of Martin’s gigs ends in a mental hospital, and from there on his whole life is upside-down.

Martin is played by famous German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner and Berlin’s techno-scene provides the set for the movie.

“…From the director of “One Day in Europe” (Berlinale 2005 in Official Competition) and “Berlin is in Germany” (Berlinale 2001 Panorama Audience Award) Hannes Stöhr…”

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From a Press comment about the “Berlin Calling” premiere at the Locarno Film Festival:
“…Hannes Stoehr has achieved spectacularly what no director before him did: To capture the experience of the Berlin techno-nights. The audience in its theater seats can live through a clubbing night full of music, hedonism and frenzy…”

There is a whole new party / techno scene in Berlin today that has very little to do with the commercialized Techno versions of recent “Love Parades“. Like in the years following the reunification of Germany when people took over public space to party and dance in Berlin or very private clubs found a home in buildings that are now housing government departments, this scene is full of live and vivid. You’ll find them in clubs along the river Spree, near the Oberbaumbruecke or in the public space again.

Places are changing as many are driven out by property investors who take over these last free spaces in Berlin to build more offices or luxury apartments (sometimes in symbiosis with the club hosts who are allowed to use the land before construction starts for a fixed time).

But there is already another type of Party Nomads flooding Berlin every weekend nicknamed “Easyjet-Ravers” after the no-frills European Airline that drops off thousands of them on Friday and flies them back into their normal lifes on Monday morning. In between they are out from club to club, maybe sleep a bit in the parks or somewhere else, or go shopping for records, cloths, paraphernalia. There are even hostels in Berlin now that have their own record shops, in one word – its becoming commercialized again quickly.

More information:
Berlin Calling Movie web site
Sound track for the movie at bpitch control
The trailer for the movie

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