Duvet-Dayz: Web Site Problems

As you might have realized due to infrastructure issues at our ISP the Duvet-Dayz web site was not reachable during the last 24 hours. Thanks for popping by again and sorry for the issues.

Below the sad workload diagram of a database server bobbing along without being used and reduced to an expensive heating device.

image database workload nil

while our servers were up they could not connect to each other

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    There are still many glitches and issues e.g. with white spaces and differences between IE and Firefox or other web browsers but these will be gone once our new layout will be released within the next days. So far we have implemented the underlying “plumbing” and because of issues with some of the plug-ins we used in the past we were forced to touch every post we have written in the past two years.

    Anyway we hope that the new layout and features that are now possible will compensate for the wait. We are currently also evaluating if we will make some of the new features – particularly the semantic web features in the pipeline – available as plug-ins for public use.

    Many thanks for your patience and sorry for the delays. From today on we will do what we hope will let you all come back frequently to Duvet-Dayz.com – put up new stories and news.

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