Tokyo: Charms against computer viruses

image Kanda-Myojin location small Japan is one of the leading high-tech places around the world but it’s also a country of traditions.

When visiting Tokyo many have a look-around the Akihabara quarter to see the latest gadgets and future computing tools that are often already available there in small series before hitting mass markets around the world.

Next time visiting Tokyo and when you bought some great new computing device in Akihabara, take it with you and visit nearby Kanda-Myojin Shinto shrine.

The shrine sells the faithful special IT prayer charms to ward off computer viruses. Visitors can also have their computers purified to protect them from common electronic ghosts and devils.

The “computer protection services” offered by the shrine have been popular for some time among IT entrepreneurs in Tokyo, but foreign visitors to Japan’s capital might find interest in these services as well.

The Kanda-Myojin Shinto shrine was first built in 730 and is dedicated to the Daikoku-sama (Deity of marriage), Ebisu-sama (Sukunahikona-no-mikoto), and Taira-no-Masakado-sama, a famous warrior who led a rebellion against central government during the Heian period.

Shinto, the native religion of Japan is a type of polytheism and involves the worship of kami (gods, nature spirits and spiritual presences). Some kami are local and can be regarded as the spiritual being/spirit or genius of a particular place, but others represent major natural objects or processes. Shinto means “the way of the kami“.

More information:
The Kanda-Myojin web site
A video of a visit to Kanda-Myojin starting from Akihabara
Wikipedia about Shinto
Satellite image of Kanda-Myojin with additional images

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