AIDS: Condom ringtones

A new Anti-AIDS campaign in India is utilizing a quite unusual approach to overcome the reluctance of Indians to use condoms.

Supported by the BBC World Service Trust and the Gates Foundation the campaign provides a ringtone for mobile phones called “condom a cappella” that – when the phone rings – is loudly advertising the use of condoms. The objective of the campaign is to make condoms more socially acceptable and improve the image of condom users as smart and responsible persons. The ringtone is available for download at the campaign web site (see below).

According to UNAIDS there are currently about 2.4 Million people living with AIDS in India. The number of mobile phone users in India is rising rapidly – from 8% in 2006 to an estimated 300 Million – 30% by the end of 2008.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

“…Imagine a phone going off at a wedding reception and the mobile ringtone has the unlikely chant of “condom, condom”. Well, if you think people are shocked and disapproving, you’ve got another think coming! Most people feel there’s nothing wrong with the ringtone, as condoms signify smart and responsible behavior, the hallmark of any winner…”

More information:
The Campaign web site

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