i-Patriot, Censorship, Internet 2 and the day the routers died

Last week again saw strong discussions on the changes happening on the Internet, this time fueled by an video where Lawrence Lessig provided insides on an potential i-Patriot Act ante portas – similar to the 9/11 crashing of civil rights. Watch the video or read the highlights of it – the points raised make a lot of sense in the context of the changes seen the last 12/24 months.

When listening to the discussions it reminded us of the song “The day the routers died” from the RIPE 55 conference. While definitely not intended to be political in the context of an i-Patriot act it gets a completely new twist (particularly some of the verses).

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

From the song:
“When the packets flowed from A to B
via routers that could talk IP
There was data..that could be exchanged between you and me….

I went down to the net cafe
that I used to visit everyday
But the man there said I might as well just leave…

And now we’ve all lost our purpose..
my cisco shares completely worthless…

And now we’re bearing all the scars
and all my traceroutes showing stars…
the packets would travel faster in cars…
the day….the routers died

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