Science: Water on Mars

image Nasa Water on Mars small No this is not a continuation of or April’s Fools post Nasa today officially released information that they found water on Mars.

Image above from an NASA image not necessarily transmitted through space.

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    US Space agency NASA has put together a great gallery of images called “Mars as Art”. Over the last almost four decades spacecrafts have sent back images of the Mars surface that provided information of its history, climate and geology. The images in this gallery are actual images of Mars, taken from orbit and from the surface of the planet by spacecrafts from NASA and European Space Agency, but have been selected for their aesthetic rather than scientific value…

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  3. Science: Time / Space continuum breaks open around the globe
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    Today, April 1st after various warnings raised by leading scientists during the last months, the selective opening of the Time / Space continuum could be observed at locations around the world.

    Renown astronomer Gabriel Sunbreek had alarm bell ringing about 3 months ago when he together with his team for the first time discovered the brief opening of wormholes inside our solar system. Closely to Mars two of these phenomenons had opened up for about 5 to 7 minutes – enough to allow alien matter to enter our galaxy close to earth (in astronomical terms).

    Together with colleagues he attributed the selective occurrence of breaks within the Time / Space continuum to global warming and increased pollution. The connection to the newly found wormholes is still being evaluated…

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  5. NASA: ISS 360 Virtual tours
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    If you always wanted to have a look around inside the International Space Station and your uncle is not the new president of a former communist country or a Billionaire – here’s your chance:

    The NASA has put up a web site dedicated to the ISS with introduction videos, external and internal 360 tours and much more…

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  7. How NASA imagined space colonies in the 1970s
  8. During the 1970s NASA Ames has conducted a series of space colony summer studies. Colonies housing for about 10,000 people were designed and a number of really amazing artistic renderings of the concepts created. The Library with the full size images is accessible here Thumbnails of some of the images are shown below. images courtesy [...]

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