Image: Where is Waldo with Obama

image excerpt Obama Berlin small Yesterday Sen. Barack Obama held a speech in Berlin and 200,000 were listening in enthusiastically.

For those who want to get an impression how 200,000 people look like from the viewpoint of the speaker we found an excellent shot at Flickr.

Note that the image only shows the front rows of the crowd (more than 100m long).

Bonus question (Where is Waldo): How many cameras did you count in this picture (You will have to use the original size image).

More information:

The shot at Flickr (login for the full-size image)

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One Response to “Image: Where is Waldo with Obama”

  1. Hillary01 Says:

    Looks like there are about 496 cameras on the original image. I’ve counted about a thousand people on that pic.
    Quite a ratio every second person taking a picture (not counting the guy with the laptop who seemingly is capturing the event to streaming video)