Summermeter – How much of this summer is left

If you want to find out how much time of this summer is still left have a look at the Summermeter.

It tells you in percent of how much of this summer has already past. With 58% already passed, a pessimist might say soon you’ll leave home when its dark and come back when it’s dark again.

In some countries they make the best of it – in Finland for example – the whole country goes on leave during the month of July and all cities are basically deserted besides a (very) few unlucky people who have to remain to keep some essential functions going. Hospitals for example delay all not immediately essential operations into the the time after July.

The Finnish like their summer breaks so much that even between opposite political parties a sudden agreement / consensus takes place to the extent that ministers from different parties are standing-in for each other. One minister might take on 3-4 ministries for a week so that the others are able to go on holidays. Newspapers and TV stations during this month are creating their (reduced) program by relying almost completely on interns.

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