Video: Bottom-up skyscraper demolition

Japanese construction company Kajima is currently in the process of constructing their new headquarters building and as part of the work it had to demolish their old high rise buildings used for that purpose before.

Unlike today’s common approaches to demolishing high rise building from top floor down or via controlled explosions, Kajima has developed a new method that allows to dismantle the building from bottom up. Besides that heavy machinery used in the demolition work does not need to be brought up to the top of the building as work is carried out on the ground floor level, Kajima says that pollution to the environment by noise and dust together with time needed for the demolished are substantially reduced.

To dismantle the building Kajima has developed a method to replace the supporting columns at ground floor level with computer-controlled hydraulic jacks that lower the building floor by floor while work progresses.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube Video

More information:
Kajima’s press release (translated) on the construction work.

info via: Pink Tentacle

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