Fun: 26 Judo throws in 26 seconds

This clip is actually from an Japanese advertising but really a great watch. 26 basic Judo throws demonstrated by an Japanese Judo master (with another one thrown of course) and showing all the throws in record time. Finally you know how to pronounce some of them like a Japanese without getting bruised.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

The 26 throws are (we left the writing as shown in the clip):

  • seoinage
  • seoiotoshi
  • ukiotoshi
  • haraigoshi
  • hanegoshi
  • ohsotogari
  • kosotogari
  • kosotogake
  • ohsotoguruma
  • uchimata
  • uchimatasukashi
  • kibisugaeshi
  • tomoenage
  • tawaragaeshi
  • kanibasami
  • yamaarashi
  • ukiwaza
  • kouchigari
  • ohuchigari
  • kataguruma
  • yokoguruma
  • tsurikomigoshi
  • sodetsurikomigoshi
  • haraitsurikomiashi
  • tsubamegaeshi
  • dakiwakare

And now backwards please

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    Did you ever train Judo

  2. fpp Says:

    there is a video of my old dojo at:

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    Se você está procurando Escola de Judô visite