A Cheatsheet for Firebug

image Firebug Cheatsheet small During the current renovation of Duvet-Dayz (the next parts come online after the weekend) we have used one great tool extensively – Firebug.

Like with other debuggers or development tools there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts to remember. But forgive us, when you’re working with many different tools – from Photoshop to Development IDE’s to debuggers, not everyone can remember 150 different keyboard shortcuts and then use the right one at the right place.

So like many others we work with cheat sheets aka help sheets – short summaries of the most important commands on one or two pages that are available for almost all tools we use. When we started using Firebug we search on the Internet but we could not find a cheat sheet for this tool.

There is of course the documentation on the Firebug web site, well done but quite a few pages to look through whenever you just need a quick glimpse with a help sheet.

So we created our own Firebug cheat sheet and would like to share it with everybody.

There are two versions available (PDF/PNG) and we played around with a grid framework to create a HTML version. If you want to print our Firebug cheat sheet we strongly suggest to use the PDF / PNG versions. The PDF is formatted that it prints easy readable on two A4/Letter pages.

Have a look and we hope it will save you time as well when working with Firebug.

More information:
The link to the Firebug cheat sheet
The Firebug web site with the full documentation etc.

Note: The links to the PDF / PNG are on the top right of the HTML version. Please comment on this post if you have any further suggestions or just want to have a say (we know that the HTML version looks a bit clumsy, but it was a good exercise to try out the Blueprint CSS framework).

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5 Responses to “A Cheatsheet for Firebug”

  1. Conrad Says:

    Cheers for the cheat sheet – your work is appreciated and long live firebug!

  2. Vii Says:

    The link to the cheat-sheet broken. Could you reupload it, plz?

  3. NeoAngelic Says:

    Thanks a lot! ^___^ Gonna print this out, laminate it, and keep it next to my computer at all times. (;^__^)-b

  4. Reader Says:

    Please make one sheet for PC and one for Mac. It does not make any sense to
    have both key-combinations on one sheet. Thanks.

  5. Cheatsheet Firebug | kulturbanause blog Says:

    [...] ist für ein Plugin allerdings recht üppig, so dass ein Spickzettel durchaus sinnvoll sein kann. Duvet-Dayz.com hat bereits vor einiger Zeit ein Cheetsheet zu Firebug veröffentlicht. Es steht als [...]