Humor: Help I’m bored

Another entry to our growing list of Dada web sites.

Help I am bored provides quick tips and remedies for 16 common situations – from Help – I’m homesick to Help-I feel old and of course Help – I’m bored. Some of the hints are small web applications, some with graphics others just text.

All of them show a good sense of humor. So next time you’re bored it wont hurt to open this site.

Click on the image below for the link

link to Help I am Bored

More information:
Duvet-Dayz Dada search
Wikipedia on Dada art movement

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    In the best tradition of the “dadaist” nihilistic movement from the 1920s, these sites don’t exactly do anything or provide any useful information – in short they are a bit pointless.

    Remember what the “first web cam” was used for – to monitor a coffee pot. Yes that’s the spirit.

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