India: Technology Fashion

image Oogle Sari smallYou know that technology and the Internet has become an integral part of life when people put icons and symbols of the most prominent businesses on their daily clothes.

So, hello India – meet the Bar code and the (G)Oogle saris from prominent fashion designer Satya Paul.

Satya Paul’s information on the Ooogle sari:
“Starting in the 50’s, Pop art is a reflection of popular culture in art. Pop art is neither praise nor condemnation but explores the everyday imagery that is so much a part of contemporary consumer culture. It often uses media, advertising, packaging, celebrity and comic book art styles to bring art closer to real life.”

Note: The URL printed on the Oogle sari points to Satya Paul’s online shop.

More information:

The Bar Code sari web page
The Oogle sari web page.
(both on Satya Paul’s online shop)

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