Humor: Job Web site(s) or when nonsense strikes

From time to time we are browsing various job web sites around the world to get a better understanding how the market situation for IS/IT is actually developing. And there is one site we normally leave out completely from top-level / senior post scans, but yesterday night we made an exception and that’s what we’ve got:

The scenario:

Lets look for a senior to top level IT/IS position, e.g. Lead Enterprise architect (in our understanding when that title is worth anything the person has a few teams reporting to her/him) or even better CIO (Chief Information Officer – not what you thought – Career is over)

So while the majority of web job boards returned ads reasonably close to our search, there is the one site (yes the one we above mentioned) – seemingly not up to the job itself and to top that, taking in even the bluntest bull-shit ads seen for a long time. Well I guess that needs a bit of further explanation:

First, when you do start using online job boards you will soon find out (we hope) that there are some who only advertise on these sites to collect potential future candidates – or even more bluntly – your details and data.

Once through this phase, you might realize there are still quite a few who actually might be advertising a real job but actually don’t know a bit about the area they are working in.

For those of you who we lost with the last two sentences or those who believe coming from Ilford and having a thick Indian accent (…after working as a usability tester aka the person who clicks [OK] during automated tests…sorry no offense) makes you an senior software engineer, go feel attracted by the advertisement below.

For the rest of us…hmmmmm… there’s another version of the ad with highlights more easily readable after you clicked on the image below (test passed – check OK).

For the people who run that infamous job board on the web we have only one message:

If I am searching for a senior position e.g. Director of an organization or CIO or whatever other senior post, providing me with information on hundreds of tester, developer, market analysts, Junior apprenticeship, entry level PM posts etc. can only be considered as spam…

The Job Ad

And that is beyond the nonsense job post which asks for CIO experience / education / skills for a student data entry position.

We are not sure – ahem – if the unlucky candidate should also tell the guy who by mistake has been assigned the actual CIO responsibilities how to walk.

Click on the image below for a larger version

link to larger image

We are nevertheless sure the “excellent package” will satisfy every “student at High School level” from an “IT/Software Development” background who believes (s)he’s an “experienced CIO / CTO” with a “wide understanding” of the Banking industry and answers to the eternal question of how IT/IS can support its objectives (besides charging the customers).

Most likely that such a person will then also happily report to the actual CIO of that organization as CIO/CTO/IT Director Numero due (or however they will call that).

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